Hope Challenge Virtual Edition

Dear cyclist!

Welcome to Hope Challenge Virtual Edition! EFCT!, the organizer of the world largest IRL (in real life) Everesting Event, Hope Challenge Oslo, have decided to go virtual. Hope Challenge has always been a fundraiser event to benefit the work of Hope for Justice to end modern slavery. The Covid-19 situation gave us the opptorunity of going Virtual and international with the Hope Challenge. Together with Hells500 and several other partners we are now preparing to throw an Everesting event like you’ve never experienced before. This June, prepare to suffer for freedom!

Quick headlines:
- Location: Zwift, Watopia
- Location live studio: Oslo (TBA)
- Registration: open 1st of May via this event page
- To participate a $100 donation to Hope for Justice is required
- Zwift event will be "invite only"
- Partners: in progress - TBA
- Webpage: ready 1st of May
- Rules: https://everesting.cc/virtual-everesting-rules/
- Results: www.everesting.cc - hall of fame

About Hope for Justice:
Hope for Justice exist to end modern slavery by preventing exploitation, rescue victims, restore lives and reform societies. With 32 locations in 9 countries Hope for Justice uses a evidence based approach to tackle the challenges with human trafficking in both Asia, US, Africa, Australia and Europe. Last year they rescued over 2000 victims and re-integrated about 1000 children with their parents. I have personally visited their programmes in Cambodia and was struck by how young some of the girls in the program where. Knowing that a 6-year old was rescued from the sex-industry felt so both so wrong and so right. Wrong that she was there in the first place, and right because now she has hope for her future. Please see their year in review for more information about their amazing work: http://hopeforjustice.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Year-in-Review-2018-19-desktop-optimised.pdf

About the event:
I this virtual event, dear riders, we present to you different challenges according to your equipment and need for pain:

Alternative 1: (only for direct-drive smart trainers / wheel off)
Segment: Alpe du Zwift - www.strava.com/segments/17267489

Facts about the segment:
- 24,3 km incl decent per lap
- 1.036 m accent gain per lap
- (C) 4,25 laps to complete vEveresting Base camp (half)
- (B) 8,5 laps to complete vEveresting
- (A) 9,65 laps to complete vEveresting 10k (10.000m)

Alternative 2: (open for all smart trainers)
Segment: Zwift Epic KOM Reverse segment - http://www.strava.com/segments/11596925

Facts about the segment:
- 12.3 km incl decent per lap
- 436 m accent gain per lap
- (C) 10,15 laps to complete vEveresting Base Camp (half)
- (B) 20,3 laps to complete vEveresting
- (A) 22,9 laps to complete vEveresting 10k (10.000m)

Live studio in Oslo (TBA):
To secure a BLAST OF AN EVENT we need to secure that we stay together and are able to communicate and share both ups and downs during the 12-16 hours. To facilitate this we are creating a LIVE STUDO in Oslo (TBA) that will included commentators, live Zwifting, promotions and streaming interview with riders from all over the world. Maybe some well known pro-riders as well?

TBA (send mail to smo@efct.no if interest or tips)

Stay tuned for more updates!

Plz share this event to friends and foes - this will be amazing!

Crazy greetings,


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